# Introduction

# Overview

Congrats! You have already taken the first steps to recovery. You are taking responsibility for your problem and you have the courage to tackle it.

As much as I want to help other people struggling like yourself, people have to want to be saved. So I'm extremely happy you also decided to go on this path. Your future self is too.

The journey you are about to embark on is by far no easy feat, but it will ultimately lead to feeling better each and every day you choose to continue it.

# Objective

My objective is to provide you with the steps needed to stop self-destructive use of technology through science.

Even you just manage to get one or two things out of this guide, that's enough to make me happy. What truly matters is that you never give up.

# Don't Sell Your Smartphone

I'd also like to make it clear that I don't recommend you sell all your assets and move to China to become a Buddhist monk in order rid yourself of your technology-induced urges.

Technologies like our smartphones and computers are not the enemy, they are neutral. This is why it is ultimately our responsibility for how we choose to use our technology.

With that, it should be a matter of keeping specific technology mediums (sites, apps, etc.) that enrich your life and discarding specific technology mediums that don't add any value to it.

I elaborate on this later in the guide.

# Requirements

# Introspection

Unfortunately addiction is complex, there isn't a one size fits all solution for beating it. Not everyone has the same root cause or cues that trigger urges to get their fix.

For this reason, your introspection is essential for success.

The good news is that you are already practicing introspection, since you're already self-aware about having a problem.

If you are having trouble being introspective, developing a meditation habit and/or help with a medical professional would be wise.

# Courage

If you have a big enough addiction, you will need to address and resolve issue(s) in your life that you avoid with your vice.

But in order to do that, you need to have the courage necessary to face your fears.

Feeling dread and overwhelmed is perfectly okay, but you still need to push through processing such uncomfortable feelings to understand your problems and to address them correctly. That could require you to overcome limiting beliefs and/or trauma that holds you back.

# Patience

Realize that this is a journey, not an overnight fix.

It takes time for your brain to neurologically rewire itself and recover from overstimulation.

It takes time for you to discover and resolve the root cause(s) that drive your self-destructive behavior.

That time will vary person to person since everyone's situation is different. Relapses can happen and are merely opportunities to reflect upon and grow from.

Unfortunately, we may take longer than we'd like to learn, but that is okay. Failure is not if you relapse, but if you give up completely.

# Join the community

Those who have a peer support group going through the same addiction recovery process have been proven (opens new window) to show higher rates of abstinence and had a significant reduction in relapses.

If something gives you a higher chance of success and is free, I say take it. For that reason, I recommend you don't go through recovery alone and join one of our lovely community (opens new window).

It will provide you with a support structure for going through the recovery process instead of going through this journey alone. Whether you want an accountability partner, a place to share your accomplishments, or simply want advice and support, I hope you'll join us.

# Use the recovery guide app

ViceDrop (opens new window) is a powerful recovery tool that is optimized to be used in conjunction with what you learn here. ViceDrop provides an effective and convenient place to:

  1. Input your individualized recovery steps.
  2. Track your progress towards sobriety.
  3. Journal relapses, urges, and day-to-day experiences.
  4. Fight urges with a built-in urge surfing timer.
  5. With enough data, accurately tell your average urge duration.
  6. Manage all your vices in one place.

# Discloser

# Not a replacement for Medical Attention

If you are or suspect you may suffer from depression, PTSD, or any other mental health condition(s), please seek medical attention. Treatment with a medical professional would be the first thing to do before trying anything from this guide.

This also includes traumatic experience(s) that may or may not be a byproduct of PTSD and any sort of suicidal thoughts.

# Not Responsible

With that said, I am not responsible for the results of anything done that was caused or inspired by this guide. Use at your own risk.

If from this guide you somehow managed to accomplish your big dream of becoming the world's best competitive underwater basket weaver in order to win over your lifelong crush and they reject you for peeing your pants in middle school, that's on you bud, sorry.

With that out of the way, let's get started!